chinatown2Introduction: Research Goals

The primary goal of this research project was an investigation into the practice of site-specific North American Asian cultural activism in Vancouver. To this end we visited several key institutions in the city in order to explore what forms of institutionalized representations of Chinese Canadians are currently visible within and outside of Chinatown, both in terms of historical and creative (arts-based) representation and resistance. We approached this project with a spirit of collaboration and spontaneity because we wanted to ensure rigidity would not inhibit learning. Those us who were non Asian were really hoping to find a location to enter into the NAAF discourse in a respectful and authentic manner. Finding self-location was challenging because we wanted to use our various skills and interests that help us learn, but still remain focused on the course material.

Discussion Planning

photo (1)We met in person a few times during this period and most days before or after class we would touch base on new ideas or setbacks. Meeting in person has not been easy throughout the project since we all have different schedules, so we’ve also exchanged many emails and text messages, and met for several webinars through google docs. Throughout the project we have all done some individual research and then shared it with the group, with the aim of learning together and gaining perspectives we might have otherwise missed.


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