About our project

This is our learning journey blog for our WS 339 Field School.

Group Members:

Alicia Corsiglia, Brendan McGuigan, Kate Banky, and Suki Chan

Our Focus: Art as Resistance

Course Description:

This course introduces students to the interdisciplinary and critical study of North American Asian Feminisms as a growing sub-field in Women and Gender Studies. Drawing on anti-racist, intersectional, transnational and decolonizing feminist frameworks, we examine literary, filmic and media representations of North American Asian women/men in terms of constructions of self-identities and community identities. Introduces students to the history of North American Asian feminist thought and activisms.   In 2015, the course will explore the themes of Identity, Representation, and Voice; Violence, Migration/Settlement; and Labour and Work.

Course Objectives:

  1. Grounded in the realities of Asian North America, to provide alternative lenses for understanding social justice, social inequality and social relations– transnationally, nationally, and locally– that takes into account gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, citizenship, among other structural inequalities;
  2. To introduce students to anti-racist, feminist and decolonizing frameworks for understanding Asian North American (Canada and the United States) histories and contemporary relations;
  3. To prepare students to critically engage with transnational influences, particularly those grounded in Asia Pacific and North American Indigenous and settler intersections at local, regional and global levels;

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